Worshop location

IPMA, Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera

Adress: Rua C do Aeroporto
1749-077 Lisboa
Phone: +351 21 844 7000

How to get to IPMA



  • From Arrivals, walk 200m towards Tryp Hotel, and turn left at the roundabout;
  • then walk 500m along Rua C, and you will have the IPMA building on your right
    (7-storey building at a right angle to the street).

Alternative: from 8:30 to 10:30 on the 25/10, there will be a minibus shuttle from
Arrivals to IPMA. To use the shuttle, when inside the arrivals lobby look for the
ORFEUS/EPOS welcome sign under the Chemist’s blue cross.


ISEL, Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa

Adress: R. Conselheiro Emídio Navarro 1

1959-007 Lisboa

Phone: +351 21 831 7000

How to get to ISEL


ISEL Campus is conveniently served by Metro Station CHELAS (Red Line, or Linha
vermelha). You can enter ISEL through a lateral gate in front of the station’s exit.
Then follow the dotted lines to the main entrance.
On Thursday 26/10 the reception will be located in Building P (diagram below, rotated).
Those arriving on Friday 27/10 please go to Building C


Workshop dinner, Castelo de São Jorge, Thursday, 26/10/2017, 20:00


How to get there (recommended): meet outside TERREIRO DO PAÇO Metro station
at 19:30, to walk together from there (~20min up-hill)

Friday evening


If you are still around, why not have a drink together at Convento do Carmo, a relic from the Lisbon Earthquake damage?
You can take the Metro to Baixa Chiado, walk (away
from the river) to Elevador de Santa Justa (designed by Eiffel),
take the lift to the top floor and assemble there at 18:30.

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