workshop Poster Session – Call for Submission

Workshop Poster Session – Call for Submission

During the ORFEUS-EPOS-S workshop a poster session will be organized on Thursday, 25-10, and Friday, 26-10. Posters will be on display for the whole time. Submissions are invited on the following general themes:

  • Theme A) Seismological Networks and datasets of interest
    Under this theme we invite submissions on the status of seismological networks, permanent or temporary, and on observational seismological datasets of interest.
  • Theme B) Using data and products services for science
    Are you using modern data or product services for scientific studies (e.g. FDSN webservices, EIDA (or IRIS), etc), or do you have specific ideas or requests for particular services? Then submit a contribution to this theme.
  • Theme C) Science on the Seismology-Geodesy interface
    Presentations of scientific studies that combine seismological and geodetic (GNSS) data and products for any kind of scientific study are welcome in this theme.


Abstracts as well as poster-pdf’s (if possible) will be published after the workshop on the EPOS-Seismology and ORFEUS websites.

Participants are kindly invited to submit their contribution to the poster session at the registration page.

Deadline (for poster session registration only): 17 September 2017